Wednesday, September 21, 2011

ACC Week 4 Eric's "Predictions"

Last week I went 7-3. Boston College missed a field goal at the end of the game, Clemson came to play (way to go Clemson), and Florida State couldn't pull it out, although I think Oklahoma looked beatable. I am happy that I was wrong about the Clemson game but I wish that Florida State could of won that huge game! Oh well... Here we go with week 4.

Last week: 7-3               Total: 14-5

Thursday night ESPN Game:

NC State vs Cincinnati:  This is a tough game.  Cincinnati is putting a lot of points on the board so far this year but they haven’t played a good team yet.  N.C. State has been up and down so far this year, the loss to Wake Forest really threw me.  N.C. State is missing some key personal on defense this year but I really want the ACC to do well and I want the win for Julia.  Because I want Elijah to get a wonderful birthday present, my pick is N.C. State.

North Carolina vs 25 Georgia Tech:  This is the game I want to watch this weekend.  I think this is going to be a really great game.  Georgia Tech has been a high powered offense so far this year.  Carolina has one of the best defense in the country I think but can they stop that offense?  This could be a very close high scoring game.  Either way, I think the winner of this game will be ranked in the top 25 which will be good for the ACC.  This is a home game for Georgia Tech.  I want to go with Carolina, but I think the Georgia Tech offense will be too much in the end.  My pick is Georgia Tech.
Temple vs Maryland:  This is a tough game to choose because Temple has played well this year.  Maryland is coming off a tough loss to West Virginia and I think they will be looking for some revenge.  The Maryland offense will get rolling again and Temple’s defense will not be good enough.  My pick is Maryland.
Massachusetts vs Boston College: I have chosen Boston College two weeks in a row and they have let me down.  I think this is the week they will bounce back.  I don’t know how many games they will win this year but I am banking on this being one of them.  My pick is Boston College.
Tulane vs Duke: Duke showed me something this week.  I liked what I saw.  I think they will be able to continue their winning ways.  I like their chances.  My pick is Duke.
11 Florida State vs 21 Clemson: This is really tough game to choose.  Clemson played great at home against Auburn.  Florida State lost a close one against number 1 Oklahoma.  I hate that two ranked ACC teams play each other this week because if Clemson loses they will fall out of the top 25.  I think Florida State has a great defense and Clemson won’t be able to do what they did against Auburn.  My pick is Florida State.
Southern Mississippi vs Virginia:  Virginia has looked good so far this year.  They lost to Carolina last week but were definitely in the game till the end.  I think they get back on the right track with a win against Southern Mississippi.  My pick is Virginia. 
13 Virginia Tech vs Marshall:  Tech’s defense looked really good against Arkansas State but the offense still needs work.  This is the last game until the ACC part of the schedule.  I hope they can get the ball rolling and play awesome on offense this week.  My pick is Virginia Tech.
Kansas St. vs  Miami: Kansas St. used to be a great football program a couple of years ago but that has taken a bad turn.  I think Miami is still riding the high of the Ohio St. game and shouldn’t have a problem with Kansas St.  My pick is Miami.   

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