Thursday, September 15, 2011

Change is in the Air

Do you smell that?  There’s a change in the air.  The wind is howling and my screen door keeps flying open and slamming shut.  I can hear the windows rattling and the rain pounding on the roof.  The trees rustle and sway back and forth as the wind whips through them.  The temperature has dropped like twenty degree since this afternoon and the sharp drop in temperature shoots to your core.  Yep, there is definitely a change in the air. 

 I love the change in seasons.  My favorite seasons are Spring and Fall.  The temperatures are cooler and for someone who just really doesn’t like the heat or extreme cold, they are perfect times of year.  I feel more alive when I can go outside and enjoy myself because I don’t feel uncomfortable.  You open the windows in your house and let the air flow through changing out the stale air that has been there all summer or all winter. 
I feel sometimes that life is like the changing of the seasons.  Some parts of it feel really uncomfortable.  They feel sticky and draining.  Or they feel cold or uninviting.  It’s kind of like that one degree day or that twenty eight degree day, it would be nice to sitting inside watching your life with a cup of hot coco or a cold soda, but instead you are living through them.
I have suffered through a lot of hard days in life.  What I love though is when you can feel it changing.  Do you know what I mean?  Sometimes in life when everything is going wrong, or you just don’t seem to accomplish anything you feel stuck.  You’re sort of stuck in that deep winter or hot smothering summer.  But then something happens, it could be a change in attitude, or something finally goes your way, or a friend steps in to help, and you can feel your life changing.  You feel it entering a new season. 
During that season everything is great.  You feel good and comfortable, things seem to be going your way and you are able to really enjoy your life.  Sometimes it lasts for a long time, sometimes it comes in short bursts.  It is not as straight forward as the seasons of the year but they are there.
God doesn’t control everything that happens to us.  A lot of that is the free will that he so graciously gave us, but he does give us hope and love, and he puts people in our lives to help us.  He gives us the opportunities to always live our lives during the Spring or the Fall.  It’s up to us to make that happen, it is up to us to listen and use the resources around us. 

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