Monday, September 26, 2011


Now I know that everyone has had Gatorade before.  It quenches your thirst when you are active in sports and playing hard, and it makes you feel better when you are sick and need something to help you get hydrated.  Gatorade comes in many different flavors.  It is used by so many professional sports as the drink of choice on the sideline.  It is a tasty product to drink.  I think Gatorade helps in a lot of ways with hydration but I think there is a drink out there that helps with your heart.

That’s right, I am talking about Katorade.  Katorade is a fun, loving, compassionate, Christ centered, witty, and beautiful drink.  Ok, you’re right, Katorade is not a drink.  Katorade is a person.  A couple of years ago on a mission trip, Katy was in my group.  That year we decided to give everyone nicknames and she needed one.  We started out with Hello Katy which was a play on Hello Kitty.  It worked for a while until I was taking a break and talking with Katy.  While we stood there I was drinking a Gatorade and without thinking about it, I called Katy, Katorade. 
It was a perfect nickname for her.  Katy is very athletic and I am sure drunk her fair share of Gatorade in her sports career.  I think the thing that made it perfect though is how much Gatorade and Katorade are alike.  Gatorade, replenishes your body with needed electrolytes so you do not get dehydrated.  Katorade lifts you up and replenishes your soul.   She is quick witted and sharp and replenishes your mind.  She is caring and loving and replenishes your smile.  Katorade is Christ centered and shows that through her actions and reactions.
Gatorade comes in many different shapes, flavors, and types.  Katorade is pure.  There is only one type of Katorade.  She is who she is and she is not afraid to share that with you.  She is accepting of everyone.  So no matter your shape, flavor, or type, Katorade accepts you for who you are.  Gatorade is used by sports teams and leagues all over the world.  It is the main source of hydration, besides water, used in the sporting world today.  Katorade is used by Christ to spread his love through her thoughts, words, and deeds. 
She always makes me smile, think, and enjoy life.  Thank you Katy for all the memories you have given me, for the time you spent as a valuable member of our youth group, and for always making it a priority when you were in town.  I miss you and am so glad to see you are having a rocking awesome time in college.  Hope they cut the grass at those soccer fields at Virginia Tech. Love you girlie!

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