Wednesday, September 14, 2011

ACC Week 3 Eric's "Predictions"

I went 7 and 2 last week.  I should have gone with my original pick of Central Florida over Boston College but I got caught up in the September 11th tribute.  I am honored to pick Boston College because of the man in the red bandana.   I would of never chosen Wake Forest over NC State. 

Well this week is going to be tough there are 5 games involving top 25 teams and they are all in the home stadium of the ACC.  As a conference, we need to play well and win some of these games.  We will see what happens

Last week:  7-2                                  This Year: 7-2

18 West Virginia vs Maryland:  This is an interesting game.  West Virginia is always pretty good although they have not played very well to start the season.  Maryland played a tough first game against Miami.  I think this is a game where the ACC can pick up a win so my pick this week is Maryland with the upset.  UPDATE:  Maryland has suspended two senior recievers.  That is huge I think, I hate that for Maryland.  That being said, I have to chang my pick and go with West Virginia.  I hope that I am wrong and Maryland finds a way to pull it out but it doesn't look good.

 21 Auburn vs Clemson:  Both the Auburn offense and the Clemson offense have looked good and put up some good numbers.  I haven’t really seen what Clemson can do on the defensive side of the ball yet.  Auburn has also had issues with their defense.  Auburn had to pull out a tough win in their first game of the season.  Clemson was very iffy against Wofford last week.  They only won the game by a touchdown.  I think that this will be a high scoring game but in the end, my pick is Auburn

Kansas vs Georgia Tech:  Georgia Tech has looked really good in their first two games.  Their passing offense adds something big to their great running game.  Kansas is 2 and 0 but against pretty week competition.  They are averaging over 40 points per game.  I think that the Georgia Tech running game is too much for them so my pick is Georgia Tech

Duke vs Boston College:  There two teams are 0 and 2 and both have looked really bad.  Duke lost to Richmond and Boston College lost to Central Florida.  I like both schools for different reasons so this is a hard one to pick. I think that Boston College will climb out of their funk this weekend and beat Duke so my pick is Boston College.

Virginia vs North Carolina:  This has the makings of a very good game.  Both teams have won their first two games.  Virginia has looked top notch and Carolina after having a wonderful first game, really tried hard to lose the second one.  If they keep the turnovers down, they should win a very close game.  My pick is North Carolina.

Arkansas State vs 13 Virginia Tech:  My Hokies did everything they could do to lose last week but they pulled it out.  The running game was amazing and the defense was great.  I think we will have an easier game against Arkansas and we should pull out a good 15 to 20 point win.  I hope it’s not close or I might have a heart attack this week.  My pick is my Virginia Tech Hokies!

 South Alabama vs N.C. State:  I was disappointed in State last week but saw some good things in the second half of the game.  Just like Thomas for the Hokies, Glennon needs time to get his feet wet.  I think they will bounce back this week and beat South Alabama pretty easily.  My pick is NC State.

Garner Web vs Wake Forest:  Wow, Wake really surprised me last week.  They looked good.  I know they have a better football team this year but we shall see with the rest of the schedule.  This should be a give me game.  I pick Wake Forest by a lot.

17 Ohio St vs Miami:  This is another good game that could go either way.  It just depends if Miami is ready to play.  Ohio State had a hard time with Toledo last week so who knows what will happen this week. The game is in Miami and they have something to prove so my pick is Miami in a close game.  

1 Oklahoma vs 5 Florida State:  This is a big game.  Everyone will be watching this game.  This could be huge for the ACC.  I want Florida State to do well so if we make it to the ACC champion game it will be a highly ranked game.  My boys are going to have to get a lot better.  My heart is pulling me one way on this game and my head another.  I am going to go with the upset and my pick is Florida State.

There are a lot of great games in the ACC this week, it should be fun to watch.  We will see where I stand next week after choosing three upsets!  Let’s go ACC and Let’s go Hokies!

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