Wednesday, September 21, 2011

The Original Bear Grylls

If you don’t know who Bear Grylls, he is a British survivalist and adventurist.  He was in the British Special Forces and is best know for his television show Man vs. Wild. In his show he strands himself in some of the most dangerous remote places on earth and then teaches us how to survive if we were stuck in these places.    He teaches us what plants, berries, nuts, and insects you can eat to survive.  He explains how to filter water so that it is drinkable, how to build a shelter to protect you from the elements, and how to catch animals for food with homemade weapons and traps.  Bear is definitely a hardcore survivalist who has spent many years outdoors, but the original Bear Grylls, the original hardcore survivalist, was a man who spent 40 years in the desert and had to lead an entire community of people.  The original Bear Grylls was Moses.  

After leading the Israelites out of Egypt, Moses and the Israel nation spent forty years in the desert.  One can only imagine the harsh conditions under which they had to survive.  The scoring sun, lack of water, venomous snakes and scorpions, as well as dealing with an entire community of people and their problems and compliments.  It took a true survivalist, adventurer, and leader to lead the Israelites through the desert.   

One of Moses’ first tests of survival was when they arrived at Marah the water was too bitter to drink.   Today, Bear Grylls would have used iodine tablets or boil the water to make it drinkable.  Moses, under the guidance of God, used a piece of wood that turned the water from bitter to sweet.  This allowed the people to be able to drink. 

With some many people together in the desert water was not the only problem.  The Israelites because upset because there was a lack of food.  They started to grumble and complain about the situation.  Bear Grylls would of found a way to trap or hunt animals, he would have found eatable plants and berries which he would of used to feed the people.  Moses talked with God and God provide Manna from heaven and quail for them to eat.  There was plenty for the Israelites to eat as long as they followed the rules set forth by God.  

Still later in the forty years, water became an issue again. Without water to be found, the Israelites became angry again.  They complained to Moses that there was no water to drink and that they would surly die.  Bear Grylls would of found a cactus that has water inside it.  He would have provided that water for people to drink until they found a safe drinking supply. Could Bear of found enough water for the whole Israel nation to drink?  Moses again talked with God.  Under the instructions of God he took his staff struck the rock of Horeb and water sprang from the rock for the whole Israelite nation to drink.  

Bear Grylls uses the skills and training he has accumulated from years of outdoor survival and the British Special Forces.  He has been outside in all kinds of weather and climates and mastered specific tactics that make him an expert in the art of survival.  Moses didn’t have those skills or any training.  He started a journey into the desert to save the people of Israel based on one thing, but that one thing is what truly makes him the first survivalist, adventurist, and the original Bear Grylls.  That one thing was faith.  His faith and trust in God is what helped Moses survive and provide for the community of Israel.  Faith is the key to survival. 

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