Friday, September 30, 2011

Where the Streets Have No Name

Sometimes life is hard.  Things don’t happen the way we envision them. We make mistakes and fear the repercussions.  We can’t handle the truth, or the situations that we get in.  It seems that most of the time things when things get hard they just seem to keep piling on.  No matter what we do, we are not able to get ourselves out from underneath the heavy load.  We often find ourselves asking God why this is happening to us.  Why is everything happening to me?

Often when we find ourselves there, we pray that all of our problems were solved.  We pray for bills to be paid and problems at work or home to be solved. We pray for good health and for our children.  We pray that we do well in school or at our job.  We ask God to help us with these things and take away the sins of the world.  We want everything to be good and life to be easy.
What if life was easy?  What if we were all the same without problems or debt?  What if we never had to face a bad or hard situation or figure out the answer to a problem?  What if in this world the streets of life had no name.  That’s right, no name.  Everything was the same no matter where you went.  No matter what decision you made, you would end up going down the same road?  There would be a skyscraper of happiness, next to a supermarket of fun.  A hardware store of answered built adjacent to the pharmacy of answers.  What if on this street there was a stadium of joy and an apartment building of love? 
What if no matter what street you chose they were all the same?  You would live where the streets have no name.  They would all be the same and everyone would be on the same path of life.  My street would look the same as yours and so on and so forth.  Our streets would provide us with joy and happiness and wipe away our fears and pain.  Then not only would our streets have no name, neither would we.
You should have joy, peace, love and happiness in your life.  We all should, but all of us and the roads of life we choose should have a name.  Those names are made up of the life experiences we have and hard times in life that make us who we are.  We each struggle with different things, bills, work, school, relationships.  These issues don’t make us weak or powerless.  In fact dealing with them and figuring out the solutions help to make us who we are.
God is always with you.  He is there to help and to guide you along your road.  He doesn’t cause the problems and strife that we deal with on a daily basis.  He helps us with people, places, and things that he places along our roads when we need help.  He carries us when we are weak and walks beside us when we are strong.  God wants us to succeed and as long as we keep him first in our lives.
Be proud of your street.  Be proud of your street’s name.  You don’t want to live in a world where the streets have no name and we are all the same.  Just make sure that on your street, the first building you see is a church, and first person that you good morning, good afternoon, good evening, and good night to is God.

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