Saturday, September 10, 2011

Last Friday Night...

Last night we had Friday's for Jesus.  I love the fact that we created this program and am really excited about the spiritual growth I see in our youth when they lead it.  Last night Ian and Daniel lead the message for F4J.  Honestly I was a little skeptical about how it was going to turn out because I personally had dropped the ball on getting with them about their topic and getting other youth to help them lead it.  I have to admit that they really shocked me with how well prepared they were.

Both Daniel and Ian had obviously taken time and energy to work on their messages for the evening.  It was amazing to listen to them and how spot on they were about the things they said.  I have had the pleasure of watching both of them grow along the way. Ian came to us about 3 years ago and has totally come out of his shell.  He went from being a very quiet kid to one that shares is opinion freely now and is very insightful with what he has to say.  He has a great sense of humor and is really sharp.  I have really enjoyed having Ian in our youth group and depending on him for so much.  Heck, he even let us shave his head at ASP last year.  Thank you Ian for making Youth Group a priority in your life and even though you are a senior, being there for all of us.

Daniel has been with us since he was in sixth grade.  He too has opened up a lot over the years.  One thing about Daniel is that he is just plan out funny.  He has all right punchlines and his timing is amazing.  He makes me smile.  As I watch him grow, I think to myself that I wish that I had been able to express myself so freely when I was his age.  All the youth really respond to him and he does a wonderful job of getting everyone involved.  I am so thankful for his leadership and humor.  I am also thankful that I still get two more years with him. 

I think the best thing about last night was the fact that 25ish of us were there.  We made it a priority to be there in church on a Friday night.  We game up the football games and the hanging out to be there with our fellow youth and mentors. I admire everyone for that.  I admire the fact that there are so many things that can pull us in different directions but there they are every F4J, ready to listen, ready to learn, ready to grow, ready to love and support one another.

Make you truly think about what you do on Friday nights. 

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