Tuesday, May 1, 2012

A Few Good Men

Recently a good friend of mine ended up having a brain aneurysm or something close to it.  It was a show and really made me start to evaluate a few things in life.  It is scary how things can just change in a blink of an eye.  It makes us realize how fortunate we really are.  We have to be good men and women and fight the good fight.  We need to live a life centered on Jesus.  Through him we can reach out to the world and live life to the fullest.

I started to think about this stuff a lot of the last couple of weeks and I realized there are a few men in my life that I want to strive to me more like and model the way I live on the way they currently live life. They are a few good men!

First there is John.  He is the make that had the brain aneurysm.  It was so scary to hear about.  He is truly blessed in his life.  Not only by the miraculous recovery from the aneurysm, but by his beautiful wife and three loving, wonderful kids.  I see him interact with his children and I see what being a dad should look like.  I see a man that loves his family with all of his being and wants to be with them whenever he can.  That being said, he is always so giving to the church and to the community.  A couple of years ago he became a youth mentor.  The boys of youth group really like hanging with John and talking to him.  At our youth retreat this year, he shared his faith with us all and it was an amazing story to listen too.  He is on the finance committee at church as well.  I am just blessed to know such a dedicated man that makes church and family such an important part of his life.  I am thankful for the blessing of knowing him.

Second there is Scott.  Scott has been a youth mentor for three years.  Scott is so kind and man is he funny.  I think I am pretty funny but Scott has me beat.  He is very level headed and can really help to take the sting out of any situation.  He really does his research before he makes a suggestion or gives an opinion about a situation.  We are blessed to have him in youth group.  He has also been the head of SPRC as well as currently is the head of church council.  He is another man that plays such a heavy role in the church as well as work and family.  Scott is another person is a huge family man and does so much for and with his girls.  He makes every effort to be available to them and gives them every opportunity to succeed at what they do.  I have for a long time looked up to Scott and realized just how important he is to our youth group and church family.  I am just glad that I get to call him my friend!

My third good man is Wes.  Again this is a man that is totally dedicated to his family, but also dedicated to not only the church but the people of the world.  He has a loving kind heart and is always giving to others.  His job offers him opportunities to pay it forward through simple things and he sure does ten fold.  Just the other week we were headed to a Durham Bulls game and we pulled up to an intersection where there was a lady with a sign asking for help.  Before we were even to her, Wes had pulled out a couple of dollars, rolled down the window ready to bless this woman.  It really made me think because it was just one more way that Wes shows me how to live my life right.  He shows me how to be loving and caring.  One of Wes' biggest ministries is our Soup on Sunday program where we provide a meal to a lot of homeless people, one Sunday a month.  Wes makes every effort to make it the best possible experience for everyone that attends, and he reaches and touches so many lives through it.  It is amazing and I just want to strive to be a lot more like Wes.

There are just 3 of the many Good Men that are in my life.  I want to mirror them and provide to the world and live the way they live their lives.  I want to walk side by side with them and know just like they do that God is right there walking with them.  May we all be Good Men and Women. 

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