Thursday, October 6, 2011

ACC Week 6 Eric's "Predictions"

Well I went 7 and 1 last week with the one being the only game I truly cared about.  It just shows that my Hokies were very overrated and by the way they played they deserved to lose.  It is the first time I think in all my years of watching the Hokies I have turned off a game in the third quarter.  It is the same story every year with our offense.  Ok off my soap box.  Otherwise I have a good week with 7 wins.  Let's see how I do this week!

Last week:  7-1            Overall: 25-11

Maryland vs 13 Georgia Tech:  Wow does Georgia Tech look good this year.  They offense is crazy good. Their defense has looked good as of late as well.  Maryland on the other hand has not looked good at all. In fact they are down there with my Hokies right now.  I think that this week the Yellow Jackets continue to roll.  My pick is Georgia Tech.

Louisville vs North Carolina:  I like the way the Tarheels looked on Saturday.  The Defense could be a little tighter in the second half but they are known for good defense.  The offense is what surprised me. Louisville is 2 and 2 on the year and honestly I am not sure who they have played.  I am not too worried about it because my faith is in the Heels.  My pick is North Carolina.

23 Florida State vs Wake Forest:  Wake Forest has been very improved this year over last year.  They have a chance of making a bowl game this year.  I do believe however that Florida State is ready to get off the losing streak and that Wake may be getting ready to hit a buzz saw. Florida State is a really good time and just played two good teams in a row, one of them without their starting quarterback.  My pick is Florida State.

Boston College vs 8 Clemson:  Wow Clemson looks good.  They have beaten three ranked teams in a row and deserve to be highly ranked.  I hope they keep playing well. I would love to see an ACC team play for a championship.  They have get through Georgia Tech in a couple of weeks but I think they will roll through Boston College.  My pick is Clemson.

Central Michigan vs NC State:  I liked what I saw from the offense of State last week but their defense needs help.  However I do believe they are good enough to beat Central Michigan.  Please don't let me down wolfpack!  My pick is NC State.

Miami vs 21 Virginia Tech:  We don't deserve to still be ranked.  What we put on the field on Saturday was pitiful.  The offense was bad, the defense was bad, and special teams was terrible.  We are going to be hurting for the rest of the year.  I think Miami has a good team, they have been hot and cold this year, but I think they have a great offensive line.  Since I am trying to do this with my head instead of my heart, even though it pains me, I can't pick my Hokies again until they show me something.  My pick is Miami.

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