Thursday, October 20, 2011

ACC Week 8 Eric’s “Predictions”

 Well I went 2 and 3 last week on predicting the games.  I had a feeling the Hokies would come to play and I was on the fence about the Carolina vs. Miami game but I didn’t think Virginia would pull it out.  Although I was wrong on those three games, Virginia really helped us out and I am always glad when the Hokies win!  I wish I had gotten the Carolina game right, but we will see what happens this week.

Last Week:  2-3                     Overall:   31-16

North Carolina vs. 7 Clemson:  The Tar heels have not looked good the last couple of weeks.  I don’t know what has been going on unless the competition has just been better.  The defense hasn’t looked good and the offense is struggling a little.  Clemson is really hot and putting up a lot of points.  There is a chance of an upset here but I think Clemson is running the table this year until at least the ACC championship.  My pick is Clemson.

 Wake Forest vs. Duke:  The past couple of years this game has produced a lot of points.  I think this should be a good game.  Wake has been hot but lost last week.  Duke is coming off being crushed by Florida State.  I wonder which team Ben is going to pull for this week.  I think that Wake will come to play on Saturday and ultimately will win a close game.  My pick is Wake.
Maryland vs. Florida State:  Florida State came to play last week and played well.  Maryland also played well last week but can they keep it up?  I don’t know which team is going to show up this week but I think Florida State is about to get on a roll for the remainder of the season.  My pick is Florida State.

NC State vs. Virginia:  State is coming off of their bye week.  They were hoping to get a few more guys back from injury.  Virginia is coming off a huge win over Georgia Tech.  I don’t know how often I will say this but THANK YOU Virginia!  That being said, I think since it is another home game, Virginia will ride the Georgia Tech win and come out on top in this one.  My pick is Virginia.
22 Georgia Tech vs. Miami:  Georgia Tech did not look good last week.  Teams are starting to figure out their offense.  I think they will have trouble again this week.  Miami is starting to play very good and they are a scary team to play.  I am not sure if suspending their Linebacker is going to hurt them or not.  I think that could make the game interesting but I am still going to go with Miami.  My pick is Miami.

 Boston College vs. 12 Virginia Tech:  I think the Hokies have finally got their groove back. It will take a huge let down to lose this game.  I like the Hokies to win big in this game and will be disappointed if they don’t.  Let’s hope the offense shows up and we can rest some guys on the defensive side of the ball.  Let’s Go Hokies.  My pick is Virginia Tech.

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