Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Joyful Noise League

This past May we started a three on three basketball league at the church.  It was so much fun.  Although there were some injuries, everyone seemed to have a great time.  We had five teams and played each other twice during the season.  There was one team that was an elite team, but every other team was very close in skill and each game was down to the wire.  We had a mixture of youth and adults that played.  The best part of the league was getting to know some of the other adults of the church.  Through basketball, we were all able to build closer relationships with each other. 

This coming Sunday we start our second season of the Joyful Noise league.  I am really excited for it to start and to play again.  I had a toe injury last year but it has healed.  We still have 5 teams but do not have any elite teams.  All the games will be tough but a lot of fun.  We have added some new folks and are excited to meet some new adults; we also had some new youth that are playing.  I have gotten almost everything ready to go and we are now just waiting on the new t-shirts to get here.
The most exciting thing about the Joyful Noise league is watch our youth grow in their basketball abilities as well as grow in their relationships with the adults of our church.  So many of our youth have improved over and it is so wonderful to watch them get better.
Each of them brings something special to the court and tries so hard.  They make each other so comfortable and enjoy the time that they get to play.  It is such a blessing to watch and to see God at work in each of them.  We may not be the best basketball players but we enjoy playing the game. 
I really hope that each of them sees God through this league.  Yes it is a sporting event and for entertainment, but God is there.  He is there when they get the pat on the back or when someone says “Nice Shot!”  He is there when someone explains a rule to them or they learn a new play.  He is there when a hug is given after a missed shot or a bad play.  The laughing and joking are gifts from God as well.  It makes you smile and warms your heart to see them all interact together.
I think the most important thing that this league has done is make the youth more comfortable talking with other adults in the church.  They know that if something happens and they need someone to talk to there are so many people they can turn to.  It is a good feeling as a Youth Director to know that our youth are taken care of not only by the youth mentors and me but by the community that is our church.  So let’s get this party started and start with season two of the Joyful Noise League.  He shoots…He Scores!!!!

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