Sunday, October 2, 2011

The Fog

Fog is a thick dense cloud formed of water droplets.  It is often so thick that it is hard to see through it.  In many places around the world fog causes accidents to happen, both in cars and airplanes.  Fog has a tendency to be so thick that it is hard to see your hand in front of your face when you are standing in it.  I can remember plenty of times coming home from Asheville, NC and have to travel through areas of dense fog.  You would think that putting on your high lights would help you see through it but in fact because it is made of water droplets, the lights shine back making it harder to see.

Do you ever feel liking you are standing in a fog?  I don’t mean physically standing in a fog, I mean you are trying to figure out the answer to something and no matter how hard you try you cannot clearly see the answer.  You spin around and around trying to figure out the best answer for the situation and no matter what you do, you can’t find the answer.  You cannot see clearly what you are supposed to do about the problem.  How do you make it clearer?  How do you make it so you can find that answer and get outside of the fog?
You grab the hand that is reaching in to pull you out of the fog.  Our friends, family, mentors, and teachers try to help pull us out of the fog.  They want to be there for us.  They want to listen to our problems and help pull us through.  They often reach in to grab us, but we don’t grab hold of their arm, or we do but before we make it out of the fog our hand slips out and we fall further into the fog. 
When life gets foggy, we have to rely on our friends and the people that love us.  We have to grab hold and ask them to pull us through the fog and into the light.  In the light the answers are clear and we know what to do.  If we can make it out of the fog and into the light we put ourselves in such a better situation. 
God wants us to be in the light with him and out of the fog.  The fog puts us in bad places and if we stay there too long we end up not focusing on the true problem or we end up getting lost.  God puts his hand out and tells us to grab on and find our way out of the fog.  We have to grab hold with both arms and fight through the clouds to the other side.  He will be with us.  He will shine his light, because his high beams have no problem cutting through the fog. 
When you find yourself in the fog, don’t panic.  Find a friend to help you through it.  Go to a mentor or your family, whoever you feel with help get you out of the fog.  Ask God for help and he will walk with you.  He will hold your hand when the fog is so thick you can’t see through it.  He loves you and would never let anything happen to you.  Remember that next time a problem bears down on you and you feel like you will never find your way through the fog.

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