Thursday, October 13, 2011

You Gotta Keep Your Head Up

Alright, that’s it, stop it right now.  I know things look bad, I know you had a bad day, but you are making it worse by getting down on yourself.  You have to keep your head up.  You have to smile and enjoy life.  If we allow things to keep us down then we are missing out on life.  If you have your head down then how are you going to see the great things that are happening in front of your eyes?  How would you know if the answer was in front of you if your head down?

Life is full of mistakes, bad decisions, worse decisions, and horrible decisions.  That’s all it is right? No its not.  In fact that isn’t even one third of the life you live.  Life is full of experiences, memories, love, excitement, joy, happiness, hard work, contentment, heart break, sorrow, good decisions, bad decisions, mistakes, promises, broken promises, prayer, vacations, school, work, church, and hobbies.  Life is full of so much but when we have something bad happen or not go our way, we put our head down.  He are upset and we don’t allow ourselves to see the light that is peaking out from behind the dark cloud of life that is hovering over us at the moment.

That is the moment when we have to strain our necks high.  We have to keep our head up and reach out for that light so that we stay ready for the world and the next problem, mistake, or bad decision that we make.  Yes those bad things in life will be there but when we put our heads down we allow them to take over, we allow them to hurt us and scare us.  We end up in a place that is dark and we feel like there is no escape.  We have to stop those times things.  We have to reach high and keep our faces in the sun and our heads held high.

So you say to me what about those people that hurt us and cause us to feel this way.  Well that’s true but the thing is we can only control ourselves.  We can keep our heads up and have a positive attitude and when we do that, we will change not only our outlook but the outlook of those around us.  We will have a positive effect on them.  If we don’t then at least we have our heads up. 

I know there will be times when it is hard and life will continue to get you down.  It will throw all kind of punches at you and when you think it is over it will throw one more.  The world is not an easy place to live in, but here’s the thing, live in it.  Live your life and understand that there will be challenges, mistakes, and bad decisions.  Keep your head up and you go far in life.  Don’t let it get you down, you gotta keep your head up.

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