Thursday, October 6, 2011

Can you see me?

Can you see me?  I am right here with you.  When you fall down I pick you up.  When you are tired I give you strength.  I hold you when you are scared and smile with you when you are happy.  I wipe the tears from your face when you are sad and wipe the tension from it when you are stressed.  I watch you when you succeed and encourage you when you fail.  I open doors for you and give you opportunities.  I help you to clean up the messes you make when you ask me too.  I see the things you do and I do not judge you.  I see when you sin but I always forgive you.  I tell you to leave your problems, trials, and tribulations at the foot of the cross and I will help you to find the answers.

I comfort you during your hard times and celebrate your achievements with you.  I listen when you pray and worship.  I love you.  Oh I love you so much.  I have an unconditional love for you.  I wait for you when you turn from me.  I understand when you are mad at me.  I commune with you when you commune.  I held you when you were baptized and stood beside you when you were confirmed.  I put people in your lives so you know I am there with you.  I put them there to help you live, laugh, and grow.  I help you grow spiritually and emotionally.  I celebrate you and your life. I am always here for you and waiting for you to talk to me.
So why do you turn away from me?  Why do you walk away when I reach out my hand?  Why can’t I see your face so that I can wipe your tears and hold you close? I love you so yet you decide that earthly things are more important.  You turn away from the people I put in your lives.  You don’t let them help you yet, I am the one that put them there.  I try to hold you and love you but you ignore me.  I call to you and you do not answer.  I provide opportunities for you to worship, learn, and grow your spirituality but you chose not to take them. 
I watch the decisions you make and the places you go and although I don’t agree with them, I wait for you to talk to me about them, and you don’t.  You bottle them up inside.  You don’t think I am there but it’s because you’re not reaching out to me.  Sometimes you think your problems are so bad that you think of taking away the most precious gift I have given you, your life.  
I don’t judge you, I love you.  I answer your prayers although sometimes it may not be the answer you’re looking for.  I am here for you and waiting for you to reach out and grab my hand so that I can hold on tightly and help you through your rough times.  I want to be a part of your life.  I want you to feel me, see me, and hear me.  I want you to know that I am there for you.  What will it take for you to see that?  What will it take for you to understand that?  What will it take for you to know that I am always here?  I am telling you now through this.  I am here please come walk with me.  Come talk to me.  Please come close so that I can hold you and make you feel this unconditionally all powerful love I have for you! 
Just come…

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