Wednesday, October 12, 2011


Sandra was going to be a mother for the first time.  She was nervous and excited all at the same time.  She wanted to do something special like a scrap book or something where she could write different things and keep pictures of her child growing up.  She would spend hours at different stores looking at scrapbooks trying to decide which one she wanted to buy.  None of them suited her.  She was getting upset because her due date was getting closer and closer and she wasn’t sure what to do because she couldn’t find the scrapbook that she wanted.  She decided she would email her mom to ask her where else her mom thought she could look for one.

When she opened up her email account, a message popped into her inbox.   It was an email from her best friend.  It read
Attached are some pictures of the boys at their birthday party.  Wish you could have come.  See you soon with your new little one.  Love you always, Sue.
Sandra opened the pictures and smiled huge at the twins getting birthday cake.  She thought about how wonderful it was that she could so easily see pictures so fast from something that was happening halfway across the country.  Then it hit her.  She didn’t need a scrapbook.  There was something else she could do.  Sandra quickly called her internet provider and had them add another email address to her account.  She called it  That day she sent the first email:
I have started this email account so that you will have a scrapbook of everything that happens between now and your sixteenth birthday.  I will send you emails, pictures, and videos so that you have a scrapbook of your life.  You will soon be here, but already I love you with all my heart.  Love, Mom
Sandra started an online scrapbook  or a scrapmail for her baby.  A couple days later her little baby girl was born.  Emma was beautiful and Sandra told her so in her first email after her birth.  Sandra posted video and pictures of Emma as a baby.  Every week, Sandra would send something to the email account, pictures of things Emma did or video of her talking, walking, or singing.  She would write about things that happened, happy times, sad times, and angry times.  For sixteen years she wrote to Emma without her even knowing.
When Emma turned sixteen, Sandra showed her the email account.  Emma started crying as she looked through it and loved every email, picture and video.  She told her mother that it was the best gift she had ever gotten.  She asked her mother to continue to fill her inbox with her love.  Of course Sandra did, and to this day she still shows her love for her daughter through her scrapmail account. 
Loving each other is such a blessed gift from God.  May we always take the time to love each other, especially our family.  Start your scrapmail account today!

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