Monday, October 10, 2011

Should I throw in the towel?

This morning when I woke up, I got on the scale like I always do on Monday mornings.  As I wiped the morning from my eyes I looked down and there was that number staring back at me.  It was the same number as last week.  I couldn’t believe it, I worked so hard all week and worked out every day.  I stepped back off the scale and looked at the picture I have of Drew Carey on my wall over my scale.  He lost so much weight and I have been using that picture as my inspiration along this year of me and JC. 

It is so disappointing and really takes away some of your momentum when you step on the scale after a week of working hard and eating right and you haven’t lost even a pound.  It drives me crazy and on more than one occasion it has made me want to stop trying and throw in the towel.  I could then just be lazy and eat everything and anything and not worry about losing any more weight.  I could just continue to be overweight and live with it.  What’s the point?
I’ll tell you what the point is.  The point is that I have lost weight.  Sometimes it has been slower than others, but I have been consistently losing weight.  I feel better, stronger, and healthier.  I fit into some of my clothes better.  I am more alive than I was before I started this whole journey and I truly feel like good about what I am doing.  I actually look forward to my workouts and really look forward to my writing.  I feel a push to finish the race.  I am only three months in and have nine more to go.  That is plenty of time to lose the weight, I just have to keep trying.
I know that if I keep working hard, eating right, and making God a part of this program that I will lose the weight and feel better about myself.  I have always struggled with weight issues.  Food has always been that vice for me.  Food has always been that one thing that comforts me and makes me feel good no matter what the situation is.  That is what got me in trouble in the first place.
I also hadn’t been motivated to work out or exercise.  I worked at the YMCA for 5 years and I never used the equipment or tried to lose weight.  I always looked for the easy way out or sat in front of the tv or computer.  Now I feel like I make an effort and if I keep working hard I will lose the weight and feel better and confident. 
The main reason to not throw in the towel is because I have the love and support of so many people.  I know that they are behind me and I am making every effort to lose the weight and be healthier.  God has given me the motivation to make this happen and I am going to work harder to help myself.  After all it is the year of ME and JC.  I owe myself that.  I owe God that.  Your body is supposed to be a temple and mine is more like a McDonalds.  I have some renovating to do!
So the next time I look down at the scale and I see that the number is the same as last week.  I am going to smile and tell myself that I have an opportunity to try again.  I will then workout and try even harder to make it happen!

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