Thursday, October 27, 2011

ACC Week 9 Eric's ACC "Predictions"

Just wanted to put this on here in case I don't get to put up my predictions until later tonight, but there is an ACC game tonight.

Miami vs. Virginia:  Virginia is a tough team to read, one week they are great then the next week they get beay by N.C. State.  Miami is on a roll.  The Virginia Tech game was a kick start for them and for the Hokies.  I think that Miami will keep rolling.  My pick is Miami.   Thursday at 12:09pm.

I will have the rest of the week up tonight!

Looks like Miami is getting ready to lose to Virginia.  Oh well...

Last week I was 5 and 1.  Virginia lost to State last week and are going to beat Miami this week.  It is so crazy! 

Last Week    5-1               Overall:  36-17

Florida State vs. North Carolina State:   Florida State looked really good last week and they have started to get it going.  They are getting healthy.  NC State also is getting healthy and they played a great week last week against Virginia.  Both teams are playing well.  This game is at Florida State so my pick this week is Florida State.

North Carolina vs. Wake Forest:  This is going to be a tough game.  I think that North Carolina has a lot to prove.  I don't think Wake Forest is as good as people think.  They can pass the ball but they will need to be able to run it to get past Clemson later in the season.  North Carolina is going to come out and play hard and I think they will win this game.  My pick is North Carolina.

12 Virginia Tech vs. Duke:  Duke has always played my Hokies tough.  This has all the makings of a trap game.  We have a bye week next week which gives us two weeks to get healthy.  We need that time but we can't look past Duke.  I think it will be a close game but Virginia Tech will win.  My pick is Virginia Tech

Boston College vs. Maryland:  Boston College has yet to win an ACC game.  A lot of people are picking them to win their first game this week against Maryland.  I think that O Brien one of the two quarterbacks for Maryland has something to prove and we will do it this week.  My pick is Maryland.

5 Clemson vs. Georgia Tech:  A couple weeks ago I looked at this game as a way for Georgia Tech to lose 1 game and be tied with the Hokies.  They have lost two in a row coming into this game.  This game could be a high scoring affair but I think that Clemson will win the game.  My pick is Clemson.

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