Monday, October 24, 2011

Coming to Life: A ministry Moment

A couple of years ago we had a youth come to us that was really shy.  In fact, the first thing he came to was our Superbowl party.  I remember it vividly because he brought 3D glasses with him because some of the commercials were in 3D.  It was very meek and quite and didn't talk very much.  He seemed to have a good time and we invited him to come back and participate in youth group.  Although he was quite, he did come.  Honestly he seemed to lack some self confidence. 

As he came week after week, we were able to start to get him to participate.  We got him to come to Sunday school, to participate in conversations at youth group, and we even talked him into playing on the basketball team which was huge.  After months of messing with him and giving him a hard time, I even got him to shave his head!

He joined our youth leadership team, has led the service at our Friday's for Jesus program, he has created videos, and he plans to lead worship with me at our next Senior Sunday.  He has grown in so many ways, but it is most recently that I truly saw his growth.  He was asked to help with a ministry moment where he talked about the impact that the youth group has had on him.  He was a dynamic speaker that day, filled with love and excitement.  He was so funny and full of life, a far cry from that shy kid that showed up years ago.

I was really proud of him.  I have always been proud of him and although I give him a hard time quite often, he has always had my love and respect.  He truly has grown, not only as a person but he has grown on his spiritual walk as well.  I am so glad that he brought those 3D glasses that day.  I am so glad that he chose St. Mark's UMC as a place that he wanted to be.  I am so glad that he has been a part of all of our lives. 

We have been blessed to share our lives with him and to watch him grow!  Here is the rest of your senior year Ian!  May we have as many moments of laughter and love in it as we have had through all our years together!

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