Saturday, October 8, 2011

Darkest before the Dawn

When we have issues in life they have a tendency to get worse and worse.  Often they start out with something very small.  Then there are two or three more small things before a big issue hits.  Then just when you think that life couldn’t get any harder, that is when another big one hits.  It usually smacks you in the face and you feel like you can’t take anymore.  That is when those issues make life so dark.  You can’t see your hand in front of your face because it is so dark.  You feel like you have lost all hope when all of the sudden, there is a light.  An answer appears before you or someone comes in to help.  The darkness lifts away and you the light is shining down on you.  Life is good again until those small things start to reappear again.

It’s hard to deal with the darkness of life.  It is so drab and so painful sometimes.  We all have been there.  That boy or girl that broke our heart, the car battery stops working, you don’t have enough money to pay a bill, or the project you were working on for work doesn’t go as planned.  It is so hard when these things happen.  They cause us pain and self doubt.  We question a lot of things when we are in that place.  I do however have the answer to what we need when we are at that place.  I know what we need to have ready to go when we are at the darkest parts of life.  We need night vision goggles.
  If we had night vision goggles we would be able to see in the dark.  There would be no fear of the worries and troubles getting us so down that we enter that dark place.  That dark place couldn’t exist because we would be able to see. No matter what we could see and there would be light.  If we had night vision goggles then life could not throw us such painful curveballs.  We would know what was coming and how to react.  So how do we get these night vision goggles that bring light to dark times?  We have God in our lives.
God is the true light of the world.  He is an eternal flame that is burning for us.  We just need to reach out, pull down our goggles and let God light the way.  We have to have him in our lives.  We have to worship him, love him, learn from him, and understand that he will take care of us.  If you are that time in your life when you feel it is the darkest, you have to pray.  Prayer will bring God close to you and he will shine down on you and provide the light for your night vision goggles. 
If we accept him into our lives and have a relationship with you, we will not know what the darkest times look like for we will have the light of the world.  We will have heavenly night vision goggles to light the way.  So do not allow it to be the darkest before the dawn.  Allow yourself the opportunity to always see what is going on and have light in your life.  Invite God into your life and you will have vision in the dark.  You will have heavenly night vision goggles!

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