Thursday, October 13, 2011

ACC Week 7 Eric’s “Predictions”

OK so I went 4 and 2 last week.  One game was a big surprise with Florida State losing to Wake Forest.  I didn’t think Wake would pull it out but they have been playing awesome lately.  I wonder how they will do this week.  Let’s see what happens!

Last Week:  4-2                     Overall:  29-13

8 Clemson vs. Maryland:  Clemson got very lucky this past week that Boyd’s injury was not severe.  That would have been devastating.  Clemson is playing really well and has a great chance at going undefeated.  I don’t think they will have a problem this week as Maryland is having trouble at quarterback.  They haven’t named a starting quarterback for Saturday as of right now.  I think it should be an easy game for Clemson as long as Boyd is not hurt badly.  My pick is Clemson.

12 Georgia Tech vs. Virginia:  Georgia Tech has been great so far this year.  That triple option is really hard to stop.  Last week they had some trouble throwing the ball and it resulted in a close game.  I think they will get it together this week but Virginia has played well at times this year.  This could be an interesting game but I think Georgia Tech will put up a lot of points.  My pick is Georgia Tech.

Florida State vs. Duke: Wow after last week’s showing, Florida State looks very beatable.  On the other hand Duke has been playing really well this year.  I am excited for them.  This game is a close one and hard to choose.  I think Duke has a real shot in this game but I would be really surprised to see Florida State drop another game in a row.  Because they desperately need a win my pick is Florida State.  I would not be surprised if Duke pulls out a win.  We shall see.

Miami vs. North Carolina:  Miami’s offense played really well last week and North Carolina’s defense was really good.  On the other side Miami’s defense was terrible and North Carolina’s offense has been off and on.  I think this game is really close.  It is hard to choose which one will win so I am giving this one to the home field advantage and some of the fans I know will be in attendance.  So for Casey, Jo Ann, Scott, Caroline, Tiffany, and Coleen, North Carolina is my pick. 

19 Virginia Tech vs. Wake Forest:  Well I was so excited last week and loved the offense against Miami.  I know it won’t be the same this week but it was so nice to see after the Clemson game.  Wake Forest has been on fire.  They played great last week against Florida State.  Virginia Tech is having so issues.  Two more starters will not be playing in this game.  We have some holes in it and we got destroyed.  Wake Forest may not have their starting running back.  We both have injuries and issues.  This game will come down to quarterback play.  I think Price is the better quarterback but my hope is that Thomas rides high after his game last week.  It was exciting to watch.  This is a home game for Wake.  This is so hard to pick.  I have to go with my gut, even though Tech won last week against Miami, I think we can easily revert back to the way they played in the Clemson game.  My pick is Wake Forest.  This pick may change if Wake’s running back doesn’t end up playing. 

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