Wednesday, August 14, 2013

30 signs you’re a Youth Director

      30- Your patience is tested every Sunday.
      29- Creating videos is a necessary part of what you do.
      28- You give up your air mattress because one of the kids has a hole in theirs.

      27- At the talent show every year you find yourself singing the Youth Director Blues.

26-  One week after a youth trip you still can’t tell where that smell in the backseat of your car is coming from.

25- Hearing about Middle School and High School romances are an everyday part of life.

24- You send out 30,000 emails but you still get a text at midnight asking what time and where are you meeting tomorrow.

23- Every other t-shirt you own is a youth related t-shirt.  

22- You realize a youth’s mood can change in a nanosecond. One second they love each other the next second you have no clue what just happened.

21-    Your summer vacation is Emerald Pointe and Busch Garden with the youth group.

20- While cleaning up the youth area you find a cup of soda with something growing in it.

 19-    The Urban Dictionary is on your must read list.

 18-    You know how to tweet.

 17- You understand that Oreos and Dr. Pepper are a must have.  

 16- You hear Youth Minister, Youth Minister, Youth Minister in your dreams!

 15- You know just the right thing to say when one of our youth is crying in your arms.

14- You know what COD is (Call of Duty)

 13- Your office is in the basement of the church and you can go all day without even seeing anyone else in the building.

 12- While in the dunk tank at the Fall Festival you notice that every other person in line is a youth.

11- Pizza is one of the basic food groups.
10- You hear interesting things on trips like the lady behind us in Washington DC that said to her child, “If you don’t be quiet I’m gonna punch you in the throat!”

 9- You have a Virginia Tech tutu (made by a youth mentor) that you have actually worn.

8- You have a picture of Justin Bieber on your filing cabinet because one of your youth gave it to you.

7- You know who One Direction is and actually have one of their songs on your I-pod.

 6- One weekend a year you become Erica for the Girls’ retreat.

5- Your favorite bible verse is “I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me” because sometimes you have to say it over and over; before, during, and or after a youth event!

 4- Your hotel room on the trip stinks because the boys in your room won’t shower.

3- You give your youth nicknames: Odawg, Thorny, Wolverine, Margarette, Kobe, etc.

2- You keep texts from your kids when they tell you they love you.

1- You love your kids, your mentors, and your parents, and you can’t picture yourself doing any shing else! (any shing else is an ASP joke, it's not spelled wrong)

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