Wednesday, August 28, 2013


How come no matter how many times I try to unsubscribe from email lists I still get emails?  I have tried four or five times to unsubscribe from the Michael's list as well as a couple of random youth group curriculum lists that I don't even know how I got on the lists.  They continuously send me mail even if I don't want it.  I am not particularly crafty so 25% off of knitting needles and yarn don't really appeal to me.  Some of the curriculums that are offered are really not based on theology that I would like to teach my youth.  It is very frustrating when your inbox is continuously filled with emails that you don't want or care about.

It has made me think about life in general.  There are so many things that happen in life that we can't change or alter no matter how hard we try.  Everyday things pop up that determine what our day is going to look like and no amount of planning will change the outcome.  We just have to roll with the punches or make the best of a bad situation or any other pun that comes up with how we deal with the current situation.

It's like our life inboxes are filled with the spam of everyday life.  We can't delete it, we can't unsubscribe from life when something bad happens.  We have to make the most of the situation.  We have to make sure that we are aware of bad things that happen and be joyous when good things happen.  If we don't react and reply to things that get in the way of what we had planned then we ultimate hurt ourselves.  If you were to unsubscribe from life because of the spam of everyday life then you would not be living, in fact you would find yourself hold up in your house doing nothing all day long. 

We can not unsubscribe from life, in fact, we need to subscribe to life.  We need to accept the good, the bad, and the ugly that happens everyday.  It may not always be fun, sometimes it may even be dirty but it is life.  Subscribe to life.  Accept the daily challenges and surprises with a positive and forward thinking.  Understand that everything will not go as planned but if it did why would it be called living?  Open up your life inbox and read through every life email that comes your way.  You may be surprised at what you will find.

Oh and if you want to know about a "Fall Makeover for your Porch," let me know, I will forward my Michael's email to you! 

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