Thursday, August 29, 2013

David vs. Goliath

Football is here!  I am so excited.  It seems like such a long wait every year as we wait for football season to come back.  I was very disappointed last year as my Hokies did not have a good season.  The season was so bad that there was turn over in the coaching staff as new offensive coaches have been added to help jump start the Virginia Tech offense.  The sad thing is that again our defense is going to be really good but we are looking at a season full of offensive struggles.  Who knows what will happen.

Our first game of the season is this Saturday night at 5:30 pm on ESPN.  We are taking on the college football powerhouse known as Alabama!  They are a team that is complete in every way.  Their running game, defense, passing game, and special teams are all solid.  They are a football juggernaut.  It is very scary to be going into the first football game of the season against such a powerful opponent.

This first game reminds me a lot of David vs. Goliath.  Now I know that this story is often used to describe matchups in sports where one team is far superior to the other but I am hoping that the outcome of this game is like the story of David vs. Goliath.  Virginia Tech is in a time of rebuilding they are looking for a new identity and have a lot of young football players that will take the field on Saturday.  Alabama is coming off a thrashing of Notre Dame and looks to be as intimidating as every.  The hope is that VT can get mentally and physically prepared for this matchup. 

David had so much confidence when he faced Goliath, he knew what would work for him and he used his strengths.  He didn't put on heavy armor and carry a sword to face this giant of a man.  He chose only a sling shot and a rock and decided to use what worked best for him and something that he probably practiced over and over again a million times.  He stepped into that field of battle and flung the rock that took down the giant.  He knew what he needed to do and used his expertise and abilities to do.

Virginia Tech needs to rely on what works for them.  They need to use the plays they have practiced and use their own game plan.  If they want a chance to beat Alabama they will need to use what works for them and not get caught up in trying to play the way that Bama plays.  With strong defense and baby steps on offense, Tech does have an excellent shot at beating Bama. 

I don't know the outcome of the game and it is no where near as important as the bible story of David and Goliath but I hope that the Hokies show up, hang with them, and maybe be able to throw that rock in the fourth quarter that wins the game!  A Hokie fan can dream can't he?

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