Thursday, August 15, 2013

Say what you mean to say...

I think relationships were much easier during the caveman days.  All the man had to do was find the woman he liked, bonk her over the head with his club and drag her back to his cave.  It was that simple right?  Well at least cartoons made it look that simple. 

We (meaning boys that is) start off at a young age showing our feelings toward girls in the wrong way.  When a young boy likes a girl he often throws rocks at her or hits her or calls her names because he thinks that making fun of her in front of his friends will get her to like him.  I don't know if I threw rocks when I was a kid, you would have to ask my mom, but I see it on the playground at church sometimes among the younger kids.

The thing is that it doesn't change much when they get to middle school or even high school.  The boys want to be cool in front of their friends so they don't talk to the girls when they are around. They make fun of them or snicker behind their backs.  The funny thing is that now thanks to technology they can text the girl later and say something like:

 why didn't we hang out earlier?  Or why didn't you talk to me? Or I miss you!

I have even seen the silent treatment approach as a way to get a girl's attention. Boys think they are being cute when they don't talk to a girl or ignore them when they are together or at a social function.  However the boys never understand why the girl is so upset with him after they have done this.

Are we as men completely clueless or are we just missing a part of our brains?

Here's the thing, we only get a short amount of time on this planet.  Why wouldn't you want to spend time with the people you like? Why wouldn't you talk to those girls that you think are beautiful?  Instead of spending time at home in front of the computer on facebook or twitter, go out and spend time with the real thing.

I wish that when I was a teenager I had had someone there to tell me how stupid I was being and that I needed to enjoy life instead of just living it.  I look back at the opportunities that I missed and the people I could of spent time with and I think I really missed an excellent chance to get to know some people. 

Don't waste your chance.  Who knows where it will lead.  You need to understand that life is short and if you don't stop and look around once in a while you may just miss it.  (Farris Bueller's Day Off).

Unless the world ends and we are back to prehistoric times, the verbal club that you are using on the girls of today just isn't going to cut it.  Put away the club and start talking from your heart.  At least that is real.  You may not get the response you want but guess what, you will never know until you try.

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