Saturday, August 17, 2013

Stand By Me

Have you ever seen Stand By Me?  If you haven't I suggest you rent it and watch it.  I loved that movie as a kid and I always wanted to do what the boys do in that movie.  Okay maybe not what their ultimate goal is in the movie which is to see the dead body of  a boy that got hit by a train, but just to have an adventure and follow the railroad tracks. That's right I just want to follow the railroad tracks and see the sights and sounds associated with them.
It's a pretty dangerous idea to walk the railroad tracks especially if you don't know which way a train could come but at the same time it is an exciting one.  I mean what might you see as you follow the tracks?  Who might you come across?  What might you find?  Where do they lead?  These as all questions that pop up in my mind when I think about the exciting railroad track trip that I want to take.  It is right up there on my list next to hiking the Appalachian Trail. 
I think that we ask ourselves the same questions about where life is taking us as we do about my railroad track adventure.  Who are we going to come across in our lives?  What will we find around the next bend or curve in our life journey?  Where are we headed on the path of life?  What wild and crazy things are we going to see as we travel through life? 
I don't know the answer to those questions.  Frankly I don't want to know them.  I want to experience them.  I want to find the answers out for myself through walking the path of life and enjoying my life adventure.  I want to experience things instead of knowing what is up ahead.  What's the fun in knowing where I am headed or what is going to come across my path.
Today I went on a little adventure.  I walked the tracks between two streets just get a little bit of that rush which would be a full out adventure on the tracks.  I was careful and watchful as I walked down those rails.  It was so exciting to walk down those tracks not knowing what was around the corner.
I want to feel the same way about life.  Don't you?  Why don't you following the tracks of life with me and stand by me?  Together we can walk the path of life and see what our future holds!

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