Friday, December 16, 2011

25 Days of Christmas: Day 10: Balthasar

Wow, that what a day that was.  We finally reached Jerusalem after traveling for what felt like 2 weeks but was probably only a couple of days.  Upon arriving, we were the guests of King Herod.  It didn't like it much when we were asking questions about the newborn king, the Son of God.  He was really short with us and very shifty in his movements.  He kept consulting with a couple of guys when we mentioned the star.  I was noticing his every move.  Unlike my companions who are dedicated to the science of the stars and maps, I am dedicated to the science of people.  Don't get me wrong, I love the stars and help them every way I can, but there is just something about studying people that truly gets my blood flowing.

I told my companions as we were leaving Herod's palace on the second day how his mood and mannerisms changed from day to day.  On the first day he was angered by our questions and wanted answers to questions we were asking him.  He shifted on his throne quite a bit and at dinner was extremely quiet.  On the second day he greeted us in the morning and had a wonderful breakfast spread, he was nice and cordial and very relaxed in his movements.  He told us to continue following the star and when we find where the baby is to return to him so that he too could go worship him.  It was interesting to watch.  I don't trust him.  Although my companions seem to be oblivious to his behavior, they too agree with me that we will not return to see King Herod.

Are camels are well rested and we are well on our way to the birth place of the King of Kings.  The star is even brighter now and can be seen during day and night.  It is almost like a second sun that hangs lower in the sky.  We calculated at our last rest break that we believe the star is hanging over Bethlehem.  There we will find him. Each of us have brought him a gift.  I chose to bring Myrrh.  It is something that has been passed down in my family and I wanted to continue the tradition by passing it down to the Son of God.  It will be so interesting when we finally get to see him.

I wonder if he will be in a crib of gold surrounded by many important people.  He should have everything he needs and wants if he is the Son of God.  It will be interesting to study him as well as the other people that are around.  I bet they tell a great story.  There is talk amongst my companions about a pool at the Inn.  I really hope there is a stable for us to put our camels in after such a rough, long journey. 

I see it now, that little town of Bethlehem on the horizon.  The stars rays shine directly on the city.  We will be there by midnight tonight and bask in the glory that is the newborn King. This shall be an interesting couple of hours as we finish our long journey.

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