Tuesday, December 20, 2011

25 Days of Christmas: Day 6: Shop Keeper

I run a small stand in the market.  We don't have much but the few crops that my husband is able to grow on our land outside of town mostly figs and olives.  It is just the two of as I was never able to have children.  I always wanted children but we never were able to conceive.  Now it is too late in life, but I enjoy listening and watching the children in town play.  It is exciting to watch them grown up around us.  Business has been good, it has been hard to keep the stand full with all the people in town for the census.  Why are we doing this census away?  It doesn't make sense to me.

It was been an interesting couple of days.  Last night I noticed that a star has seem to be hovering over Bethlehem.  I know that sounds crazy but it really has been just sort of sitting over top of us.  I have never seen this star before but it is extremely bright and stays in one place all the time.  My husband things I am crazy but he goes to bed very early so he can get to the fields at dawn and doesn't really see this star in the sky.  I wonder if it is a sign of something.  Well, only time will tell.

Today as I started to put out the food on the stand, a young man came around the corner.  He looked very tired, like he had been traveling a long distance.  He came up and started to look at what we had available.  I told him that I was sorry that we didn't have more but with everyone coming to town, it was hard to keep anything in stock.  He smiled, and told me he understood.  He said that he was looking for something for his pregnant wife who was staying with him in the stable at the inn downtown.

I was horrified when he said they were staying in the stable.  He explained a little more and although I understood why, it just worried me so that a pregnant woman and her husband were sleeping in a stable.  He said they were fine and had plenty of blankets and hay to stay warm.  He picked out a few items and reached in his bag to get out his money.  I refused it.  I told him to take what he needed with my blessing.  I wanted them to be well fed.  He was so grateful.  I reached down to a low shelf behind the market stand, and picked up a small blanket.  I handed it to him. 

I told him how myself and my husband could not have children but while we were trying, I made this baby blanket.  I told him that I wanted him to have it, that it would help to keep the baby warm.  I said that it wasn't much, just so swaddling clothes, but it was from the heart and would help in the cold night air.  Again this gracious man thanked me with all of his heart.  He said that God had blessed me by being so thoughtful.  I smiled and as he walked away, I wiped the tears from my eyes.  There was something special about this man and his wife and baby.  I don't know what it is but I just feel it.  It was such a powerful feeling that I knelt down and prayed right there in my market.

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