Wednesday, December 14, 2011

25 Days of Christmas: Day 12: Melchior

Today started as any other myself and my two friends were tired from a night of watching and tracking the stars in the sky.  As dawn broke, we retired for some rest.  Around noon we awoke from our slumber and headed out into the city to find food and water.  We were making plans to again watch the night sky this evening.  We had word from a profit that a star would rise and when seen would lead us to a child that will be born the Son of God.  We have studied the sky for many nights but have yet to see this star. 

After some time in town, looking at the various shops and spending some time at the well conversing about the planets and stars with a couple of other local gentlemen, we headed back to our home or observatory as we like to call it to get ready for another viewing of the stars.  As dusk approached we readied ourselves for another long night.  As the sun set, there came on the horizon a bright light.  At first we thought it was the moon but upon closer examination we determined it was a star.  It was a star that we had never seen before.  I charted it and looked at our maps to try and determine what star it was.

 Gaspar took some calculations and measurements.  We definitely determined that this star was one that we did not have record of.  We tracked it for a little while but it seemed to hold steady over a certain area.  We determined that this was the star we were looking for and it seemed to be located somewhere over Jerusalem or Bethlehem.  We decided that it was the star that we were looking for and that we would start our exhibition tonight to follow it to find the new born king. 

Quickly we packed our things together, gathered our maps and star gazing devices mounted our camels and took off in search of where this star lead.  As well as our food, water, and astronomy equipment, we each decided to bring a gift to give the new born king.  I decided to bring Gold because it is a precious metal just like the Son of God is.  It is pure and extremely valuable, again just like the Son of God will be.  He will be pure and full of the Holy Spirit and he will fill us with valuable knowledge and God's love.  It will be amazing to witness his presence. 

We stared out on a journey that we had no idea when it would end.  We packed light so that we could travel faster, but we brought with us plenty of money to continue to resupply no matter how long the journey takes.  This will be an exciting adventure and I truly believe that this star will guide us.  I love the stars because they shine for us no matter what.  They are a shining example of God's creation.  Some people seem to forget that and don't enjoy or study them the way they should.  I have never gone on a long trip from home even though I have lived many years on this earth.  I sure how where ever this star leads us there is an Inn with a pool or least a stable to keep our camels.  Who knows what we will find...

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