Tuesday, December 6, 2011

25 Days of Christmas: Day 20: The Inn Keeper's Wife

Things have been so crazy around here.  We are packed to roof with people.  I mean I literally saw people sleeping on the roof last night.  I warned my husband about this last year and told him to add an addition to the Inn but he wanted that stable.  We would have so much more room if he had added it and could fit even more people.  His brother added on to his Inn in Nazareth last year.  Maybe with the money from people staying here for the census we can get that nice carpenter family in town to add a new addition. 

For some reason there were people outside swimming in that hole in the ground behind the Inn that we use to water the donkeys.  They kept going on and on about the pool.  I wonder where they got the idea that we have a pool.  I made some bread and soup today and was able to sell a lot of it to our customers.  Maybe I could open a small restaurant next door to the Inn and call it No Room at the Inn.  We could advertise that since there is no room at the Inn for a restaurant that you should come next door for food and fun!  That would be neat but I already have my hands full running this Inn. 

My husband doesn't like to say No to people because he looks at the potential profit to be made by having them stay with us.  Well, that is not totally true, he also has a kind loving heart and he is a sucker for a smiling face.  This evening, he was finishing up some stuff and getting ready for bed when there was a knock at the door.  It was this kind young man.  I watched from the back of the room holding the lantern.  The man had his wife on a donkey.  I couldn't see her but I heard him say that she was pregnant.  My husband told them that there was no room in the Inn.  The man was very kindhearted and asked if there was any place they could stay.  My husband told them that it wasn't much but they were welcome to stay in the stable in the back of the Inn.  I smiled a little when he said it although I was terrified that they would be sleeping in the elements.  I was just happy he offered them somewhere to stay.

After my husband closed the door I went over and kissed him on the cheek and told him what a wonderful thing he had done.  He hugged me and said that it was all that he could do and was sorry there wasn't more room.  I told him I was going to get them some blankets and and a lantern.  I quickly gathered the blankets, a lantern and some leftover soup and bread and took it out to them.  The wife was a beautiful young girl and the husband a strapping young man.  I helped to get them settled and made a bed out of hay and blankets for them to sleep.  I gave them the soup and bread and tended to their donkey so that they could rest.  They were so thankful for everything but so tired for the long journey from Nazareth. 

I keep telling people we need a camel express line for here to Nazareth but no one ever listens to me.  Sorry, sometimes I get on a soapbox.  Anyway, they curled up together and before I left the stable, the young man was asleep.  The woman thanked me again and closed her eyes. 

I wonder when she will give birth.

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