Sunday, December 18, 2011

25 Days of Christmas: Day 8: The Star

Oh, star of wonder, star of light, star of royal beauty bright. 

It hung in the sky and moved slowly along showing not only the wise men but anyone who looked for or at it where Jesus was going to be born.  It is interesting that such a bright star hanging over the small town of Bethlehem didn't bring more people to find the baby born in a stable.  It was the biblical version of a GPS device.  It served them with guidance and preciseness.  The only thing it didn't do was say "right turn ahead."

What a glorious thing that was chosen to lead everyone to see the savior of the world. A star that produces light which is one of the purest elements on the earth.  A beacon of hope and love that hung brightly in the night sky.  There is a reason why most of us have a star at the top of our Christmas tree.  The star hung over Jesus, Mary and Joesph and displayed their love and belief to the world just as it does when it hangs on our Christmas tree.

One can only imagine what it must of looked like to see the star.  I imagine it being almost as bright as the sun.  I am sure many people at the time thought that something huge was happening and that the earth was going to end.  Maybe they thought it was flying toward earth and was going to destroy it, or just believe that there was a second sun that was coming out at night.  Although I can't imagine what it must of been like to see it, I can imagine with the limited technology and history of the world that it scared most people and the last thing they were thinking about was the fact that the Son of God had been born here on earth.

I myself would of wondered what it was for even if I was a true practicing believer at the time.  Without the visit of the Angels or knowing what to look for from readings or prophecies, I would of determined it to be some sort of end of the world or unexplained occurrence.  Of course people besides the wise men and shepherds had to of seen it.  It was a star in the sky.  It was moving and showing directions to a group of people so others would of had to see it. 

Like a lighthouse that directs ships near dangerous coastlines, the star steered believes toward the Christ child.  It showed them the way and where to go to worship the newborn king. I am sure it was a sight to see.  I love just to look up into a clear night sky away from the lights of the city and see all the shining, twinkling stars in the sky.  There are millions of them up there, and just think, out there in those millions of stars we see one of them was the star that grew so bright and so close to the earth that it guided believers to find the baby Jesus. 

May we be that star for others always but definitely during this Christmas season.  We need to be the guiding light that guides others to Christ.  Shine brightly for this last week, remember the true meaning of the season, and be a shining star for those in need.  Channel your inner star!

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