Friday, December 23, 2011

25 Days of Christmas: Day 3: Mary

I was scared but now am so excited.  I was worried but now I know am calm.  I was a daughter but now I am a mother.  I was a believer but now I have found favor with God.

How crazy has my life been.  I was told by an angel that I was pregnant, I had to tell my soon to be husband that I was pregnant from the Holy Spirit, I got married, I traveled a long distance to Bethlehem for the census, we didn't have a room at the Inn, I told him to make that reservation weeks ago with the room overlooking the pool, and now I have given birth.

It sounds like a story out of a book, but it is my life and I am so happy.  I lay here on the bed made of straw and blankets and hold my newborn baby wrapped in swaddling clothes.  We had to lay him in a manger because there was no place else for him to sleep safely.  For now though, I have him laying here with me.  He is so beautiful.  It is hard to believe that he is the Son of God.  I am sure that he is going to do so many great things and be a savior to the world we live in.  Jesus is his name.  I would of liked to be able to name my first born child but I like the name Jesus.

It seems to really suit him.  He is just a baby but the world we soon know who he is and why he is here.  Joesph seems to believe that this star he sees in the sky above us is telling people where we are so that they can come and worship our new born King.  I don't know if that is God's plan but it would be nice to have some company.  The Inn keeper's wife has been so helpful and the little drummer boy was such a delight, but it would be nice to have visitors.   

What more can I ask for, I have a loving husband, a newborn baby, and a new life ahead of me.  I guess I could ask for a room because this stable is drafty, but other than that I am really happy.  I hope that I can be everything to him that he needs.  I want to be a good mother but I have never been a mother before and this is the Son of God.  I hope that I do what needs to done and that we can raise him the way that God wants.   

We shall see...  I am going to lay him down for a nap.  Hey look, here come some shepherds.  I wonder what they want.

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