Thursday, December 22, 2011

25 Days of Christmas: Day 4: Joseph

WOW!  The last year of my life has been so crazy.  I go from a meager carpenter, working hard to put food on the table and a roof over our heads, Mary and mine, to being the father of the Son of God.  That has been a difficult thing to digest.  I had a hard time believing Mary at first but after the angel visited me in my dreams, I was good to go.  I will never second guess Mary again. 

After all that happened, there was a census and we had to travel to my home town which is Bethlehem.  It was a long journey with a pregnant wife.  After many days on the road me made it safely to Bethlehem.  Unfortunately though, I forgot to make the reservation at the Inn.  Mary wanted a room that overlooked the pool and inside, we ended up with a pool side room because we are in the stable.  The animals here seem to know what is happening because for the most part they have been well behaved and very in tune with what is going on.  The Inn keeper's wife has been very helpful too.  I have been surprise just how helpful she has been.

Last night, a star seemed in hover in the sky directly over the Inn.  It was crazy how bright the star was, It was almost like daylight.  It seemed to be a beacon to where we are.  I wonder if it was showing people where we are.  After the star appeared, it happened.  Mary went into labor and before I knew it, I was trying to help her breath while the Inn keeper's wife helped us to deliver the baby.  It was very loud and a little bit scary.  I have never witnessed a birth before.  Mary was scared and hurting but she was so thankful that I was there with her.

Now, I am holding him in my arms.  It is so amazing.  He is beautiful. Mary wrapped him in the swaddling clothes that I was given from the lady in the marketplace yesterday.  We cleared out a spot in the manger where we could lay him.  The animals aren't too happy but they will get over it.  I keep looking into his eyes and wondering what he is going to do to change this world he live in.  How should I raise him?  All I know is how to be a carpenter.  I hope that will help him achieve what he sets out to do.  He is so beautiful, precious and helpless.  The baby Jesus is helpless and I have to take care of him.  I have to help him grown and learn.  I have to teach the Son of God. 

No pressure...

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