Sunday, December 11, 2011

25 Days of Christmas: Day 15: My Shepherd Experience

Today we had the children's Christmas Pageant at church.  The kids did a wonderful job and were great! They are so cute and funny delivering the lines.  When I was a kid, I played a shepherd in our Christmas play.  I must of been a 2nd grader or 3rd grader when I played my starring role as Shepard number 3.  I only had one line in the entire play.  The play is called The Best Little Christmas Pageant Ever.  Basically the storyline is based on a church kids group putting on a Christmas pageant.  So we were a group of kids that were putting on a pageant that was about a group of kids putting on a pageant.

In my scene, the director was telling us shepherds that we needed to bring our father's bathrobes as our costumes for the pageant.  As she is asking this question, I am frantically raising my hand wanting to say something, she finally calls on me and my one line was:

"My dad doesn't wear a bathrobe, he walks around the house in his underwear."

I don't remember what her response was or what else I did besides help sing the songs.  I just remember my line because honestly it was really the only pageant that I was in or at least that I can remember.  I think it was really cool though that I got to play one of the shepherds.  I think the sheperd are such an important part of the story.  They are visited by an angel and they make their way to see Jesus.  They leave their sheep on the hillside and head to see the baby laying in a manger. 

They are humble people that make a meager living watching the sheep of the town or village that they live in.  It was often long hours of probably alone time as they had to watch and protect the sheep.  I feel that way sometimes when it comes to my Youth.  I am never alone but I always want to watch over them and protect them.  Although that was a side note, to me it is a statement that goes right along with the Christmas story.

I am their sheperd and they are my sheep.  My ultimate goal is to lead them to Jesus in every way possible.  If they follow me they will have Jesus as a part of their lives.  I think that just like the shepherd was led by the angel to see the baby Jesus and to worship and praise him.  My youth are led to Jesus to worship and praise him.  I think we all need to be shepherds for Christ, whether we are wearing our bathrobe or just our underwear!  It doesn't matter to him what we wear as long as we lift him up and worship him.  May we continue to remember that through this holiday season!

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