Monday, December 12, 2011

25 Days of Christmas: Day 14: One of them Shepherds

In the later evening when the sun has set and the sheep are moving toward sleep, I like to lay on the hillside and watch the stars in the sky.  Sometimes they seem to shoot across the sky like they are falling.  It is such a neat thing to watch.  Tonight, I had some left over bread from dinner so I decided to snack while laying on the hillside taking my break with the other shepherds watching the sheep.  As I laid there I watched the stars grown brighter as the sun faded away.

I couldn't help but to notice tonight that there was a star that was much brighter than the others tonight.  It fact it seemed to but out such a bright light that it almost seemed to shine like the sun.  The star was in the direction of Bethlehem.  I know that because sometimes I go there to stay at this great Inn that has a pool out back.  There is also a great carpenter and his family there than can fix almost everything.  It is amazing to watch them work.

The light is interesting because it sort of shows you the way to Bethlehem.  I watched that star for awhile and it never moved unlike the other stars in the sky that seem to move as the night rolls on.  As I was watching that star, I started to fade into sleep.  It is a tiring job watching the sheep and I don't always get a couple of hours break.  I dozed off for a little while. 

I was awoken by a bright light and loud singing.  Brushing the sleep from my face I got to my feet with my crook in hand and spun around to see my fellow shepherds standing in awe at what looked to be a man in a white robe.  I hurriedly arrived by the side of my friends and looked on with amazement at this man with his what seemed to be glowing white robe. After starring at him for a few minutes on the us shepherds asked him who he was and what was he doing there.

The man smiled and told us that he was an angel.  He told us how a child was born in the City of David, Bethlehem tonight and that that child was the son of God.  He told us that he was in a stable wrapped in clothes and lying in a manger.  As he said this a host of angels surrounded him and praised God.  Honestly they said something about Glory to God, and that was about all I caught because even though he told me not to be afraid, I was shaking a lot and having trouble believing what was happening in front of me. 

After a few moments, all the angels were gone and we were left standing in the dark on the hillside.  The only light that could be seen was coming from the star that was over Bethlehem.  We talked about what just happened and decided that we needed to go see this baby for ourselves.  It is not everyday that angels appear on this hillside.  Heck we rarely ever get visitors.  It doesn't take long so we should make it there pretty quickly.  I just need to stop in town and tell my girlfriend where I am going.  Hopefully she will believe me.  Might have to leave the angels out of this discussion...

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