Sunday, May 13, 2012

Child like innocence

When I was leaving the supermarket today I saw a young mother with her 2 or 3 year old child.  I had heard her earlier tell him to say please when he asked for something.  She was putting the cart up and was holding his hand.  He started to cry because he left something in the cart.  She let go of him to go over and look in the cart.  She turned to tell him that it wasn't there.  He looked up at her, smiled and took off running between the cars.  She started to scream at him, "Stop" she yelled.  He just kept running.  By this time I had let go of my cart that I was now behind my car and had turned to help.  It was just a few seconds and she easily caught up with him.  Popping him on the butt a couple of times she said "We don't run in the parking lot."  He immediately started to ball.  When she got to her car she put him on top of the trunk, tied his shoe and said in a very sweet and loving voice, "Mommy loves you, but we can't run in the parking lot.  Don't run away from Mommy."

I smiled and put my groceries in my car.  I got to thinking about it as I stood there.  That child had no idea what he was doing was wrong.  He just wanted to run and play with Mommy.  He had not concept of the location he chose to play his game.  When he saw the opportunity he bolted away from mom.  Kids have that childlike innocence about a lot of things.  They don't understand what is wrong and right until we teach them and guide them.  They learn by trial and error.

I think our faith journey is based on child like innocence.  Every one's faith journey is different.  The only way that we learn and grow it is by trial and error and educating ourselves.  We have to read and pray and interact with others that have the same beliefs. Often in a faith community people come from different backgrounds and different belief systems.  Often even though we believe in the same things we have totally different opinions.  What we are saying and doing we might totally believe is the right why to do things.  Others may have a different opinion of what we are doing and saying.  It comes down to being in a community of faith that will allow you to express your beliefs, thoughts, and feelings and accept you for who you are.  A community that will allow you to grow and learn.  One that will allow you to live your faith with child like innocence.

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