Wednesday, May 2, 2012


For those of us who are animal lovers we know what my friend Ellen was going through this week when her dog Vegas got out and ran away.  When a dog gets the chance to make a break for it and runs away, there is not a worse feeling in the world.  You feel hopeless because how on earth are you going to find them?

On two occasions different dogs decided to make a break for it.  My dog Brusier got away and all day he must of ran throughout the woods around my house.  I went out and searched until it got dark.  I called for him but he never came.  I had the idea that we would leave the garage door open and the door to the house open and when it was time to eat, he would come home for food.  Sure enough, the next morning around 5 am, I was awoken by him licking my face wanting to be feed.

Another time Ripken got out and ran away.  We think that someone found him and was going to keep him because about a week later he came back and his collar was missing.  We thought for sure that he was gone for good because anytime he got out of the house, he would make a run for it and not look back.  Both times I was really torn up and worried about my dogs.

So needless to say I felt Ellen's pain and sadness when Vegas got out.  Two times I went out to drive around their area to see if I could spot her.  The second time I say Ellen and Laura, her mother, on the side of the road looking for Vegas.  I drove around for a little bit and when I came back down that same road, Ellen had Vegas on a leash.  I stopped to chat for a moment before I drove on to work.

Now some people don't understand what a dog means to their owner.  You share so much with them with out realizing it.  They give you companionship, love, and no matter what they stay by your side.  (Unless they make a break for it!)  This poem / song best sums it up and really reflects what I think about and see in my dogs. God and Dog is by Wendy Francisco. 

We are blessed with the unconditional love that we are given by our Dogs, our parents, and our friends.  May we all have those relationships with someone that cares so much for us.  May God look down on you and hold you close, and may your Dog cuddle up to you and fall asleep at your side watching over your every move.  Thanks for coming home Vegas!  Thank you God for bring her home safely!

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