Saturday, May 12, 2012

The White Rock and the Tree

For the past week I have been walking up Millbrook road on my way to church.  When I walk I have a tendency to look for things along the way, hence the silver tray.  I just think it would be neat to find something of interest or value on my way down the street.  There are some condominiums that I pass by on the right hand side and everyday I have noticed a small tree that is right on the curb in front of these condos.  I also noticed that there is a small white rock sitting right under this tree. 

It caught my attention because this white rock seems really out of place.  It doesn't go with any of the other rocks around it and seems to have been place right under the tree.  It is just a strange little rock in a big world.  Anyone could of put it there.  It could represent something or someone, it could just be a rock that was in the road and some one placed it under the tree.  It could be a prayer rock.  There is no telling what this rock represents if it represents anything at all. 

I think that that rock represents each and every one of us.  Sometimes in life we are in situations where we are the one that stands out or doesn't seem to fit.  We feel alone in our surroundings just like this rock is alone.  Sometimes we are placed in a situation by the people around us and their words and actions.  We are forced into action because of the people around us and not by our own accord. 

This little white rock seems alone in the world but the most awesome thing of all is that it isn't.  God made this little white rock just like he made you and I.  He never leaves us.  We are never alone.  Although it may feel that way because of our surroundings or the situation we are in, we are never alone.  We need to trust in God and all him to help guide us and love us know matter what happens or where we go.

So if you are walking down Millbrook road and you see the little white rock underneath the tree.  Stop, for a moment, say a prayer, and remember that God loves you!

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