Thursday, May 10, 2012

The Lady of the Lawn and the King of the Court

Everyday when I walk up Six Forks there is a house that I stop for a few minutes in front of.  There is a very sweet elderly woman who waves to me as she works in her yard.  We have never spoken but she has a smile on her face as she moves around doing yard work.  I find it so fascinating because a lot of the time she is walking with a cane, yet just yesterday I saw her leaning down to pull weeds from her yard.

Today she was using a shovel to remove some things from her very well manicured front lawn.  I have also seen her mowing the lawn as well as watering her plants.  It is just so wonderful to see her out there doing something she obviously loves to do and not letting getting older get in her way. I have a hard time mowing my grass and I am only thirty six.  I hope that I can have her drive when I am older with whatever my hobby is.  She definitely is the Lady of the Lawn.

The King of Court absolutely baffles me.  He is amazing.  He is eight five years old and can out run any of us younger guys at our Tuesday night pickup games.  He is in such great shape and plays senior league basketball. If you give Ken an open jump shot you better watch out because he is going to drain it.  Don't even get me started about that layup he does coming from the other side of the court and up and under the basket. 

Ken has been playing with us for years and had helped me coach the basketball team when we played in the league.  I can only hope that I am in half as good of shape as he is when I am his age.  He really is amazing and is the King of the Court.

King Aurthur and the Lady of the Lake have nothing on these royal figures of my modern world.  They truly are what stories are made of and great examples of a life well lived.  They may not ride off into the sunset with swords drawn but they truly encompass the makings of a fairy tale.  May we be as noble as driven, as loving and kind, as goal orientated, as regal as the King of the Court and the Lady of the Lawn.

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