Monday, May 14, 2012

People Watching

Have you ever watched people?  I mean just sit somewhere and watch them.  I do it a lot.  Often at parties, at the mall, on my walks, or at restaurants, I will just sit and watch people.  I watch their facial expressions, their mannerisms, their actions, and the way they interact with people.  I watch people interact with their babies and children and of course I watch how people interact with teenagers. 

Today I saw a guy zoom by me on his bike with a cigarette hanging from his lip and a scowl on his face.  I watched a mother, at a stop light, play peek a boo through the rear view mirror with a toddler sitting in the back of the car. I saw men and women talking on their cell phones.  I watch people react to me as I walked by them some people saying hello while others didn't make eye contact. I saw a man come up to a crosswalk and take the arm of an elderly woman who was trying to cross the road.  I saw people eating lunch and driving.

I have watched thousands of people in my life and one question always comes to my mind while I watch them.  I wonder to my self if they have a relationship with Jesus Christ.  I wonder if they have accepted him into their lives and allowed him to fill them with love and understanding.  I wonder if they pray and worship or if they miss out on those essential parts of life.

I don't have the answer to whether or not they do but I hope and pray they do.  I pray they welcome him with open arms into their lives.  If they only knew the power of having that relationship, they would know they can climb mountains and conquer valleys.  I hope that you have a relationship with Jesus and if you don't I hope you will find out more about Jesus so that you can accept him into your life.  It is an amazing feeling when you let him in! 

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