Friday, May 11, 2012

Day 5: Around the Fuquay in 5 hours

Well I spent my morning in Fuquay at the house.  I drove in and did a little work to it and then headed out with the dogs in toe to wait for the people to come see it.  They came and stayed for about 25 minutes which I will take as a good sign but as for the last four years I no longer get my hopes up.  I then found out we have another showing for 4:45 tonight so that is a good sign that things seem to be picking up.  I hope one of them pans out.

I went to the store and bought breakfast food for the youth as well as snack for tonight's F4J (Friday's for Jesus).  I plan to walk to church and back for my exercise so I thinik I am good to go for today! 

I got a watermelon today and am so happy that it is good and sweet!

Hope you had a good Friday!

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