Thursday, May 17, 2012

Under Pressure

I am going to start this post by saying don't ever allow your body to get in a situation where it has high blood pressure.  Do everything you can not to have it.  Eat right, exercise, and lay off the caffeine and salt.  It will make a huge difference.

Last night I bent over to pick something up in my apartment and had a feeling like blood was rushing to my head.  It made me flushed and scared me a little.  I know having high blood pressure that I have to be careful so I went and took my blood pressure.  It read normal.  I felt better so I watched some TV for a little while before I decided to go to bed. 

When I got in bed, I felt that same feeling but not as bad.  I read for a little while and turned off the light.  I woke up around 1:30 and still had that same flushed feeling.  I sat up and took my blood pressure again using my right arm.  Without thinking about it I automatically took it again on the same arm.  I then put the cuff on my left arm and took it one more time.  All three showed my blood pressure in a normal range.

 I tried to go back to sleep but I noticed that I was having a tingling feeling going down my right arm.  It got so bad that it scared me enough that I got up and looked up heart attacks and high blood pressure on the computer.  I than sat around debating whether or not I should go to the emergency room.  I wasn't having chest pains so it was hard to decide.  I ended up going back into the bedroom and somehow falling asleep for awhile.

When I woke up I still had the same feeling i my head as well as my arm so I decided to make an appointment and go see my doctor.  Of course my doctor was off today but they have a walk in clinic from 12 - 2.  After sitting there waiting for the clock to land on 12, I made my way to the Doctor's office.

I told the Doctor all about my night and my pain in my arm and my flushed face.  She took my blood pressure and it was normal.  She listen to my heart and checked my sinuses.  She then said that she thought I was having bad allergies and that what I felt when I bent over was the fluid inside rushing up my face.

We then determined that the pain in my arm was coming from the fact that I had checked my blood pressure twice in a row and probably pinched a nerve. She game me some allergy medicine and when I left the office, because my head wasn't in panic mode anymore, I could feel my allergies acting up. 

I am pretty sure it comes from the 25 miles I walked last week.

We all come under pressure sometimes.  Sometimes it is work, family, friends, school, or even illness.  It is hard to think rationally sometimes when this happens.  We tend to think the world is against us and we either make poor decisions or become stressed out.  I don't have the answer to it all because if I did then I wouldn't of had my episode last night.  I do want to say two things:

1.  Make sure that you are praying about your pressure and stress and that you are asking God for guidance on your journey.  Talk to him about it and at night, so you can get a good nights rest and deal with it again in the morning, prayer and leave the pressure and stress at the foot of the cross.  I guarantee that in the morning it will not feel as stressful.

2. If it is an illness that has you stressed out.  GO TO THE DOCTOR!  I felt so much better after I went.  If something doesn't feel right you need to have it checked out.  God gave them the gifts of healing or at least understanding how to heal you and diagnose your health issues.  Please don't allow something to go by the way side that could be a really big health issue. 

Don't live your life under pressure all the time.  There are people that will listen and are here for you! I can tell you one that always has a listening ear and the call is free!

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